Adwords when used to its potential is so much more than simply an ongoing promotional method that you just leave quietly running on autopilot in the background.  Yet that’s exactly what the vast majority of Adwords advertisers do, same keywords, same ad copy, and same landing pages month after month.  And of course, you get the same (or more likely steadily worsening) results.

A Fresh Start

Make 2015 the year where inertia ends and your Adwords campaigns become a living, breathing part of your business, that helps you achieve the goals that by now you have surely set for the year.

So how to do this?  Simple, let’s break it down.

First, think seasonality

When are your busy times, when are your quietest times?  This might be months of the year (for example if you sell roof replacements, winter might be quiet).  If you run a restaurant Mondays might be quiet.  Whether it’s a time, a day or a period, it doesn’t matter, the point is that you can run ads to help reverse this. For example:

  • If Monday evenings are slow, run a promotional ad with a discount
  • If it’s winter, change your remarketing ads so that anyone who has seen your site during the year can consider your winter specials. Schedule changes to maximize the benefits to your business at the times it needs it most.

Second, think events

Whether you sell cleaning services or dental implants, it doesn’t matter, promotions tied to events work. So think, Mother’s Day, spring break, Valentines, Halloween. The event itself doesn’t matter, just come up with a link to your offer, however tenuous, and run special promotional ads to a special promotional page on your website.

Use customizers in your ads to count down days until your promotions close and the extra urgency will get users hurrying to do business with you.

Finally, Standing Out

Compare your ads to your competitors.  Analyze every aspect from your offer to theirs, your tone of voice to theirs, position on the page, and so on.  If you don’t see much of a difference, nor will your potential prospects, so step back and think of a unique place in your market that you could occupy to stand out from the crowd.

It might be a better offer, a better guarantee, better testimonials or best of all, all of these. Whatever you can do, just make sure you stand out.

If this all seems too much for you, contact us and we’ll discuss your needs to work out a plan that’s right for you.

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