Know What Makes Your Phone Ring

Call Tracking, Recording, & Analytics

Call Reporting, Recording & Analytics

Every time a person calls your business through one of your tracking phone numbers, we capture the caller’s phone number, call date and time, location and record the call. This gives you some incredible benefits that will allow you to further optimize your campaigns as well as make sure your staff are properly trained and able to answer the inbound questions.

You’ll know…

  • Exactly which ads are generating the most inbound leads (to further optimize the campaign)
  • What keywords the prospects are searching for
  • The specific ad copy the prospects are responding to
  • The times of the day you are getting the most calls (to optimize your campaign)
  • What kinds of questions you should be answering in your ads and on your landing pages (to reduce wasted ad spend)
  • How well your staff are handling the inbound sales calls


Internet Call Tracking

  • Google Adwords PPC
  • Yahoo & Bing PPC
  • Organic Search Results
  • Directory Websites
  • Facebook Pages
  • Yelp Page

Offline Call Tracking

  • Yellow Pages
  • Direct Mail
  • Newspaper Ads
  • TV/Radio Commercials
  • Flyers & Brochures
  • Billboards

Real-time Dashboard

  • Daily trends
  • Calls by call source
  • Answered vs. unanswered
  • Call duration
  • Call location
  • Individual call detail


  • Track phone calls from online paid advertising, organic search, your website, print and much more!
  • Recorded call to make it easier to review and improve customer service
  • Detailed real time web based call reporting
  • Whisper message – our system alerts you with a recorded audio when you are getting an incoming lead
  • Local phone numbers.

Real Time Reporting

call tracking realtime reporting

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